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NSC Mission Statement

Through commitment to people, evidence-based systems, and technology, we lead the way in providing added value to our customers and other stakeholders by producing a robust suite of solutions including coaching, training, business planning, team, and leadership transformation, that lead to sustainable results!

About Us

Leadership has many dimensions, and in the shifting economic, social, and relationship landscape, coaching is a skill that can support sustainable performance and results. Despite shrinking budgets, changing demographics, and uncertain preparation, today’s leaders are expected to develop others, affect change positively, and exceed organizational and client expectations. To do this effectively, leaders must learn how to coach effectively, efficiently, and strategically.

Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute was founded by international Master Neuro Strategic & Executive Coach, speaker, trainer and Master Certified Coach (ICF), Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr. Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is a global coaching organization whose sole purpose is to equip leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations with coaching skills for impact, sustainability, and results. Honed by more than 30 years of leadership experience, Neuro Strategic Coaching was designed by Dr. Mario to impact leadership excellence, communications intelligence, and effectiveness globally.

Graduates of our Professional Coach Education will improve their leadership capacity and learn how to empower individuals, teams and groups using the latest Neuro Science, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro Strategies, Communications Intelligence, and Accelerated Learning Techniques. Additionally, many graduate learners implement internal coaching programs, speaking and consulting careers, or start private coaching practices.

Our Team

Dr. Mario Garcia, MCC

Master Executive Coach
NLP Trainer & Speaker

Mario A. Garcia, PCC

Executive Coach,
NLP Trainer & Speaker

JoAnne Laflin, PCC

Neuro Strategic Coach
& NLP Master Practitioner

Robert Hedequist, PCC

Executive Coach, Speaker
& NLP Master Practitioner

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