JoAnne Laflin, PCC

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JoAnne brings over a decade of leadership and coaching experience to NSCI. Throughout her career she has managed national and international teams of software engineers to deliver high quality software products and her responsibilities also included career coaching and talent development. In an independent Leadership survey at her last company of over 10,000 employees, JoAnne scored in the top 10% as an exceptional and model Leader.

JoAnne is certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Master Quantum Time Techniques™ Practitioner, LIFE Coach & CAREER Coach with Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute, ICF-the International Coaching Federation and IBNLP- the International Board of NLP. JoAnne has extensive experience in coaching individuals surviving trauma, abuse and chronic disease. She also has helped individual clients build their careers, improve communication, better manage their time and transform both their personal and professional relationships.

JoAnne is extremely successful in coaching her clients to take their lives to a new level resulting in clients that know how to live at a higher standard and possess emotional intelligence. JoAnne is a coach who has been rigorously trained to bring clarity to her clients as they uncover blind spots and remove stumbling blocks that have held them back. Her first-hand understanding of organizational structures, the breadth of her leadership experience and her strong coaching skills make JoAnne a dynamic and insightful coach. Her sense of humor, compassion and honesty is ultimately what connects JoAnne to her clients and enables her to partner with them as they create their compelling future and reach their goals. JoAnne lives in Clearwater Florida with her husband Pat Laflin.


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